Although the first cue sports originated back in the 15th century, one of its most popular variants was invented only in the 19th century in India among British soldiers, when an English officer Sir Neville Chamberlain established the first set of rules. Nowadays it is popular across the world, with the World Snooker Championship being held each year since 1927. It is played at a rather big table (6x12 ft) with 22 balls and six pockets. One of them is colored white and is used as a cue ball, while the others should be potted in the correct sequence.

Professional Snooker Scene

The professional snooker sport scene is governed by WPBSA, an international association registered in 1968 and located in Bristol, the United Kingdom. It organizes the World Snooker Championship since 1969, as well as a series of professional tournaments called World Snooker Tour. The tour includes both ranking tournaments, which award ranking points to its participants based on their performance, as well as non-ranking events. Good news for those interested in snooker betting – there are plenty of major event throughout the year, so it’s always possible to find a match with reasonable odds. The biggest ranking events, except for the World Championship, are the international tournament World Open and the regional events UK Championship, European Masters, and China Open. The list of non-ranking events includes Masters, Champions of Champions, and Championship League.

Snooker Betting

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